Hot New Sh*t: Accessories

It’s no surprise that as of late, there’s been a hot new accessory trend on the move, outside of its traditional home at the school yard — the backpack. Not quite the traveling bag on wheels you may have imagined, but chicer, more minimalistic versions instead. At this point, I literally cannot turn around on a […]

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Hot New Sh*t: Hair

There have been a¬†couple of hairstyles trending recently, which harken back to the fabulous heyday¬†of the ’90s. Styles like sleek French “boxer” braids, or¬†cornrows (specifically 2-4)¬†and also, a more relaxed, yet chic take on the half-up, half-down top knot the majority of us girls loved in high school: ¬†¬†¬†As seen on Khlo√© Kardashian and beauty […]

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