Why the Choker Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

Urban Outfitters Isabelle Choker NecklaceClearly, the ’90s is having a major resurgence, and I for one am not mad at it. I’ve always considered myself to be teetering on the precipice of this illustrious decade, as I was born during the year of ’89. Plus, who doesn’t love the ’90s?! Let me drop some words on you: Clueless. Nirvana. ACTUAL HIP-HOP MUSIC. Countless trends began in this time and unsurprisingly much of what was hot then is on fuego now – namely, the choker necklace.

This small piece of fabric or metal, which hugs gently around the throat as to only metaphorically “choke” you, has been seen on celebs like, Joan Smalls and Shay Mitchell, and in virtually every store a millennial woman would frequent (what up, Forever 21). I recently bought a chic little lace number from Urban Outfitters, and am obsessed with the throwback vibe it adds to my looks, especially when I’m rollin’ with the homies.

Check out more chokers here ICYMI:

Forever 21 Clear Cutout Choker, $10.90

Anita K Barred for Life 18 K Gold Collar Necklace, $60

Tabitha Tassel Choker, $28


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