Places + Spaces: Trophy Bar, Brooklyn, NY

Photo courtesy of Trophy Bar

I first heard about Trophy Bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, while enjoying an egg and cheese taco, and 75% champagne, 25% orange juice¬†mimosa, atop of a Bed-Stuy¬†rooftop. All things considered, it was probably¬†one of my oldest friend’s last major gatherings before she moved to the West Coast.

Aside from my one time¬†visit to Huckleberry Bar, I hadn’t spent much time in Williamsburg, but already knew it was dope.¬†After buying and repeatedly watching the first and only season of Gallery Girls on iTunes, I was completely obsessed with Williamsburg (um, random dude getting b√©chamel sauce on Angela’s outfit at Huckleberry, hello?!), and Trophy Bar did not disappoint.

Photo courtesy of Trophy Bar

Admittedly once I got to the bar, I was about half a drink away from wasted, but I still remember the infectious music that encompasses Trophy. A small but mighty space that packs Brooklyn locals and visitors alike, the bar hums with energy and feels like the perfect chill spot for friends – old and new.

Check out Trophy Bar’s Soundcloud page here¬†to sample their vibe.

Trophy Bar
351 Broadway, btw Keap and Rodney
Brooklyn, Ny 11211

JMZ line, G line or L line




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